The relief of being an actor is that I get to be other people – live in another person’s skin – the opposite of what my day-to-day life is like.
Day-to-day right now is in court or in my office representing clients – all of whom have been convicted of doing Very Bad Things. I’d much rather be on stage breathing life into lines written by someone else. I took a journey to be a lawyer. Once I got there I realized I made a wrong turn because I was meant to be an actor – where I can play a lawyer (for a limited period of time!) or a crazy cat lady or a soccer mom. Maybe that makes me crazy, but I was born in Waco, Texas... then survived my teenage years in Arkansas (lots of points for that one!). It’s a wonder I ended up at the alma mater of two past secretaries of state (one of whom should be president but I digress). I’d much rather spend my time on set or on stage being other people but my taste in shoes requires that I continue to be myself as a lawyer for now. Life is too short to not live out loud. So what the hell – I’m now taking singing lessons and who knew – I can sing - maybe not the best voice but I can carry a tune! I’ve done some improv classes which are SO MUCH FUN!! I’ve studied with Larry Moss, one of the best acting coaches in the business. I’m in a wonderful scene study class with Anthony Grasso who is simply an amazing teacher. Thanks to Jean Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad’s animal studies workshop, I learned I am a tiger and not a squirrel!