Websites, fires and toddlers (aka things that don’t mix)

My new website is going live so of course things had to degenerate into complete chaos at my house. Efficiency in the nighttime routine is key to my sanity. Tonight the goal was to get my 9 year old to rehearsal for her show, pick up the almost 3 year old and get her fed, bathed and into bed well before 7:30 so that I could have a calm uninterrupted phone call with my website master. At 6:15 smoke started pouring from the pellet stove in the kitchen. While (calmly) telling my toddler to eat her very healthy PB&J dinner, I was simultaneously freaking out about the smoke, & attempting everything I could think of to get the stove fan working. I failed. And then called 911. Multiple large fire vehicles arrived promptly carrying many manly firemen who all crowded into my kitchen while the toddler danced around excitedly. (She is currently obsessed with all things firemen after yesterday’s visit to the local fire station). It was now approaching 7. The stove fan was somehow restarted in the middle of the toddler’s loud commentary about whether or not I was wearing a bra (another obsession). The many manly men left. It was now after 7. There was a quick bath and some Dora (really HATE Dora) and then an attempted bedtime at 7:25. My phone call about the website started at 7:30.  My 9 year old arrived home from rehearsal around 7:45. The toddler refused to actually go to sleep until 8:30. There were tears and screams and demands for hugs and the need to go to the potty. It’s a wonder I remember anything of my conversation about this website and doing a blog.  But here it is – the first blog.